Public Utility Commission of Texas

Project #45110

Rulemaking to Amend P.U.C. Subst. R. 26.417, 26.418 and 26.419, Relating to the Designation of ETPs, ETCs and RETPs, to Comport with Prior Changes in Statutes and Commission Orders and to Codify Certain Agency Practices.


This rulemaking will amend PUCT Subst. R. 26.417, 26.418 and 26.419, relating to the designation of ETPs, ETCs, and RETPs to comport with prior changes in statutes and commission orders and to codify certain agency practices.

Team Leader

Liz Kayser, Competitive Markets, 512-936-7390

Staff Assigned

Mandeep Chatha, Legal,  512-936-7163

Jay Stone, Finance & Administration, 512-936-7425

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