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CCN Mapping Information

Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CCN)

A Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CCN) gives a CCN holder the exclusive right to provide retail water and/or sewer utility service to an identified geographic area. Chapter 13 of the Texas Water Code requires a CCN holder to provide continuous and adequate service to the area within its CCN boundary. Municipalities and districts normally are not required to have a CCN; however some municipalities and districts do have a CCN. A district or municipality may not provide services within an area for which another utility holds a CCN unless the district or municipality has a CCN itself for that area.

List of the most common types of CCN service areas:

  • Bounded Service Areas: These are areas that form closed boundaries. These boundaries often follow identifiable physical and cultural features such as roads, rivers, streams and political boundaries.

  • Facilities +200 Feet: These are service areas of utilities and are represented by lines; however, they also include a buffer of a specified number of feet (usually 200 feet). The lines can, but may not correspond to distribution lines or facilities in the ground and normally follow along roads.

  • Facilities Only: Facilities only lines are granted for a "point of use" service area that covers only the customer connections at the time the CCN is granted. Facility Only service lines can, but may not always, correspond to the location of the utility's distribution lines in the ground.

Mapping Frequently Asked Questions

The following documents provide guidance on filing hard copy maps and digital data for applications related to Certificates of Convenience and Necessity (CCN), including obtaining or amending a CCN and requests for expedited release from a CCN.

CCN Water and Sewer Data Files

PUC's official CCN digital data may be used to view existing CCN service areas and/or prepare map filings for applications to obtain or amend a CCN's service area. We suggest using this data to remove any overlaps with existing CCNs before filing proposed digital data. The CCN digital data for both water and sewer CCNs are provided in a shapefile format.

Download CCN Data Files: PUC CCN Water Data (.zip) | PUC CCN Sewer Data (.zip)

Please E-mail water@puc.texas.gov questions you have regarding CCN maps, viewer or data files.

Water and Sewer CCN Viewer

*Update 8/3/2016: New layers have been added to reflect the latest boundaries of the Texas House and Senate Districts, for the 84th Legislative Session. 2015-2016.

The PUC's CCN Viewer enables users to search and view retail water and sewer service areas for holders of Certificates of Convenience and Necessity (CCNs).

More information regarding the use of the utility map viewer is coming soon.

The CCN Viewer allows users to:

  1. Access currently available retail water and sewer utility service provider data;

  2. View and print CCN boundaries; and

  3. Locate a retail utility service provider by address

The CCN Viewer is best viewed with Internet Explorer 9.0 and above, or the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox.