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Certification and Licensing

REP - Retail Electric Providers Certification and Reporting


  • A Retail Electric Provider (REP) sells electric energy to retail customers in the areas of Texas where the sale of electricity is open to retail competition. A REP buys wholesale electricity, delivery service, and related services, prices electricity for customers, and seeks customers to buy electricity at retail.

  • A REP has many responsibilities including:
    • Buying electricity at wholesale.
    • Buying delivery service and paying the charges for transmission and distribution service to the Transmission and Distribution Utilities TDU.
    • Serving as the direct contact with the customer for electric service issues.
    • Billing the customer and collecting for the REP's charges.
    • Providing a 24-hour toll free telephone number for customer calls.
    • Developing electronic interface system to communicate with the Independent System Operator (ERCOT) and other Market Participants relating to customer switches and meter information.
    • Testing the electronic interface system with ERCOT.
    • Understanding and following the Commission's rules, including customer protection rules. PUC Substantive Rules, Subchapter R
  • Who Should File: Persons seeking to sell electricity to retail customers must register as a REP. Persons who do not purchase, take title to, or resell electricity, but perform a service pursuant to a contract with the REP do not need to become certified as REPs.

  • When to File: REP Certification at the Commission generally takes 60-90 days. Upon approval of REP certification, applicants will be ordered to provide proof that they have completed the testing of their electronic interface system prior to serving customers. Since ERCOT generally has three testing periods per year, it is important to coordinate the testing dates with the REP's business plan.


Registered Companies

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Corrections to these lists: Please update your company contact information using the PUC Portal and either "REP Annual Report" or "Company Contacts", if later than annual report due date. Both are available in PUC Applications.

Rules - Statutes - Orders

PURA §39.352

16 TAC §25.43 - Provider of Last Resort (POLR)

16 TAC §25.107 - Certification of Retail Electric Providers

16 TAC §25.108 - Financial Standards for REPs regarding Billing and Collection of Transition Charges

16 TAC §25.113 - Municipal Registration of Retail Electric Providers (REPs)

16 TAC §25.498 - Prepaid Service

Standard Protective Order as Adopted

Questions and Answers

Retail Electric Provider Q&A

Questions about a Pending Registration: Fred Goodwin at 512-936-7454 or

Financial and Risk-Management Questions: Mariah Benson at 512-936-7229 or

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