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Project #45273

Rulemaking Proceeding to Establish a Procedure Identifying Contracts that Require Enhanced Contract Monitoring Pursuant to SB 20, 84th Regular Session


This rulemaking, required by SB 20, will establish a procedure for identifying each PUCT contract that requires enhanced contract or performance monitoring.

Staff Assigned

Jay Stone, 512-936-7425
Kasey Feldman, 512-936-7144
Erica Duque, 512-936-7069
Mike Sanford, 512-936-7305
Mark Cavazos, 512-936-7101

Project Schedule

Issue Strawman Proposal - January 2016
Initial Comments on Strawman - January 2016
Workshop - January 2016
Proposal for Publication at Open Meeting - April 2016
Proposal for Adoption at Open Meeting - July 2016

Documents Available

Initial Rulemaking Planner and Timeline