Public Utility Commission of Texas

Project #48937

Rulemaking to Amend §24.44 Rate-Case Expenses Pursuant to Texas Water Code 13.187 and 13.1871


The purpose of this rulemaking project is to amend Tex. Admin. Code § 24.44(a) and § 24.44(d) and repeal TAC § 24.44(b) and § 24.44(c) relating to the rate-case expenses a utility may recover as a result of filing a rate change application.

Staff Assigned

Elisabeth English, Water Utility Regulation, 512-936-7217

Tammy Benter, Water Utility Regulation, 512-936-7165

Heidi Graham, Water Utility Regulation, 512-936-7139

Emily Sears, Water Utility Regulation, 512-936-7224

Connie Corona, Competitive Markets, 512-936-7232

Katherine Gross, Legal, 512-936-7277

Justine Tan, Legal, 512-936-7163

Project Schedule

The adopted rule was published in the Texas Register on October 25, 2019, and is effective October 31, 2019.

Documents Available

Proposal for Publication of Amendment to 16 Tac § 24.44 as Approved at the June 27, 2019 Open Meeting

Rulemaking Planner and Timeline

Order Adopting Amendments To 16 Tac § 24.44 for Consideration At The October 11, 2019 Open Meeting