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Public Participation

Participating in a PUC Proceeding



Intervenors are people directly affected by a particular issue or action and are full and active participants in a proceeding at the PUC. Intervenors can make legal arguments, conduct discovery, file testimony, cross-examine witnesses. If an intervenor testifies, they can be cross-examined by the other parties in the case. To become an intervenor, submit a written request explaining why you have a legal interest in the proceeding. You can submit the request online using the interchange filer.


Protestors can submit comments that are entered into the official record of the proceeding. These comments are publicly available and can be read by the PUC commissioners, PUC staff, and other people following the proceeding. These comments help inform the PUC and its staff of the public concerns and to identify issues to be explored. The PUC welcomes and encourages such participation in its proceedings. To submit comments, use the interchange filer to upload them.


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