Public Utility Commission of Texas

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City Contact Information for Utility Disconnect Notices per SUBST. R. 25.29 and 25.483


HB 1772 of the 73rd Legislature permits (but does not require) a local government unit to submit to the Public Utility Commission contact information for receipt of certain utility notices. The Commission is required to make the contact information publicly available. A utility is required to provide to those contacts, a notice of disconnection of a non-submetered, master metered multifamily property (for example a “bills paid” apartment complex) that is located within the jurisdiction of the local government unit.

Staff Assigned:
Fred Goodwin

Texas Municipal League contact:
Christy Drake-Adams

To Add or Update Entries in the Notice List:

File a Written Notice in:

Project No. 42057, City Contact Information for Utility Disconnect Notices per SUBST. R. 25.29 and 25.483. The notice should clearly identify the party requesting the addition or revision, the contact information to be changed, and the new information. By rule, the contact information should include: name, title, address, phone number and email address.

Submit the notice (4 copies) to:

Filing Clerk, Public Utility Commission of Texas
1701 North Congress, Room 8-100
P. O. Box 13326
Austin, TX, 78711-3326.

Alternatively, the city contact information may be provided via email to the PUC Staff contact listed above. Please refer to Project No. 42057. Updates submitted before January 1 of any year will be posted by January 15 of that year and be effective until December 31 of that year. Updates may be submitted at any time.

Documents Available

Cities Requesting Notice
Substantive Rule 25.29 Disconnection of Service
Substantive Rule 25.483 Disconnection of Service