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Assistance for Owners of Apartment Complexes, Mobile Home Parks and Commercial Facilities

Apartment complexes, mobile home park owners, commercial facilities, etc., are required to complete a registration form for submetered or allocated utility service and to be registered with the PUC prior to issuing bills for water and sewer service. Owners of apartment complexes, mobile home parks, commercial facilities, etc., are also expected to use this form to update changes in ownership, name of complex or facility, and/or when billing methods change from submetered to allocated and vice versa. The information listed below will provide reference material and guide you through the process.

Archive of Filed Registration Forms

Registration of Submetered or Allocated Utility Service

PUC Rules Related to Apartment Utility Billing

Chapter 24 Rules, Subchapter I, Water Utility Submetering and Allocation

Texas Laws Related to Apartment Utility Billing

Texas Water Code Chapter 13, Subchapter M

How to Contact the PUC Water Division

Questions or requests for additional information may be sent to us at To help speed up our response time, please be as specific as possible. Include the entity names and numbers for the items in question. Please provide your name, address, phone number and the best way to contact you. You may also call our Water Utilities Division at 512-936-7405.